Anatom® II

Anatom® II

Anatom® II is the latest iteration of our revolutionary zoning application – offering the same precise levels of specified anatomic zoning for unprecedented comfort, but also scientifically enhanced and heat-treated for superior, long-lasting strength and durability.

  • Multi-Level Comfort – Four-plus levels of firmness within a 20% or greater range positioned anywhere within the unit.
  • Customised Solutions – Create a unique and compelling comfort story with expanded range and height potential.
  • Sustainability – Developed to optimise wire and raw material content by providing custom support exactly where it’s needed.
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Dynamic response to natural body movements delivers the support needed for deep, relaxing sleep.


Coils retain their consistent shape and support qualities for years of comfort and reliability.

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Re-engineered Next-Generation technologies by Leggett & Platt® maximize product performance and optimize raw material content.

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