Pocket Coil

Pocket Coil

Pocket-coil innersprings are highly comfortable, supportive, and versatile. Individually wrapped in their own flexible, breathable fabric pockets, they provide minimized motion transfer and partner disturbance. Each spring moves independently, delivering support that contours to the individual curves and movements of the body.

Customizable to almost any specification and comfort level, pocket coils produce a variety of unique feels. They can be stacked or layered together, and since each coil is individually wrapped, coil heights can vary within a row, further expanding their potential.

Our core unit coils are stress-relieved through heat- or electricity-tempering for additional durability and strength. This process gives the coils a uniform amount of resiliency and improved support characteristics that provide comfortable, restful sleep.


Anatom® »

Customizable Anatom sleep systems feature four different firmness levels that can be placed anywhere in the unit for specified anatomic support.


Calico Classic® »

Stunning, handcrafted Calico Classic coils are wrapped in cotton calico and traditionally assembled for a time-honoured look and feel.


Combi-Zone® »

Strategically positioned comfort zones deliver distinct changes in surface resolution and support dimension throughout.


Coolflow® »

This premium combination system improves air circulation and delivers superb performance and an exceptional level of comfort.


Ekko® »

Next-generation Ekko innersprings are uniquely designed to outperform the standard in terms of optimized firmness and support.


Hi-Low® »

These varying-height innersprings offer design and comfort level flexibility through progressive and cavity-filled zoning configurations.


Hourglass »

The unique Hourglass innerspring features a wider top and bottom for initial softness and a tightly formed centre that provides needed support.


Joey® »

Advanced coil-within-a-coil technology intelligently responds with a blend of luxury comfort and increased firmness as weight is applied.


Micro and Super Micro »

Narrow-diameter Micro pocketed innersprings improve comfort and support while boosting surface resolution.


Quantum Edge® Elite »

Narrow-diameter Quantum Edge Elite coils form a perimeter around the mattress to provide consistent support all the way to the edge.


S-Line »

These high-performance pocketed innersprings are re-engineered to be lighter, easier to handle, and offer real value and advantage.


Softech »

Low-profile pocket springs with a variety of applications provide supportive comfort and resiliency that resists sagging and settling.


SoftTouch® »

Variable-rate geometry gives these springs their unique shape, performance characteristics, and a difference you can really feel.


Solace® »

With a distinct design, Solace innersprings cleverly adapt to the contours of the body for a truly individualized feel.


Standard »

Our comprehensive line of high-quality pocketed innersprings are comfortable, supportive, and available in a variety of specifications.

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