Open Coil

Open Coil

Innersprings are consistently high sellers, thanks to their cooling properties, supportive capabilities, and highly comfortable feel. Like all innersprings, Leggett & Platt open-coil innersprings utilize Active Support Technology to support the body and contour to its individual shape. Active Support differs greatly from the support offered by other mattress cores, which can be passive, slow to respond, and restrict natural body movement.

From comfort to support to durability, innersprings provide a superior night’s sleep, allowing your body to relax completely, resulting in deep, rejuvenating sleep.


VertiNova® »

With a high coil density, VertiNova innerspring units are extremely supportive, adapting to changes in body weight and position.

VertiCoil® Edge

VertiCoil® Edge »

This open-offset, alternating coil unit provides consistent surface coverage that extends all the way to the edge of the bed.



Small-diameter, untapered coils offer a firm, stable sleep surface with great elasticity for varying body types.


Offset »

The knotted offset design adds strength while providing flexible support.

ProZone Bonnell®

ProZone Bonnell® »

This programmable innerspring system uses computer-controlled zoning technology to produce coils of varying diameters in specific zones.


Bonnell »

Leggett & Platt produces the finest-quality Bonnell innersprings, using special wire to offer unbeatable stability and strength.

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