Continuous Coil

Continuous Coil

Leggett & Platt continuous coil innerspring systems are scientifically engineered to offer superior support all the way to the edge of the bed while reducing side-sway and the feeling of roll-off. That’s because of their structure – they consist of entire rows of coils formed using only one piece of wire.

Their open nature keeps the mattress cooler by allowing air to flow more freely than in foam alternatives - approximately 28% cooler, according to a study conducted by Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research.


Mira-Coil® »

Mira-Coil offers superior surface comfort by distributing weight evenly, reducing partner disturbance, and providing essential support.


Superlastic® »

With an innovative design, Superlastic continuous coil innersprings are resilient and durable, and provide extra support during sleep.


CC3 »

A new, unique continuous coil innerspring solution engineered to reduce motion transfer and improve sleeping comfort.

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